Vacation Rental on Blue Ridge is a new, Blue Ridge area Vacation Rental network that helps homeowners list rental property and give renters a simple booking experience with no hidden fees. VRBR homeowners can list their property for a full year and pay one set price for unlimited bookings. VRBR guests will be able to get the best rental rate by dealing directly with the owner.

For over forty years, founders Randy and Robin have helped thousands of homeowners provide guests with authentic vacation experiences while maximizing rental demand. Tapping into this expertise, they created as a transparent, user-friendly platform without booking fees to connect local homeowners with guests hoping to enjoy all the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Our Story

Looking to the near future, Randy and Robin decided on a whim to check out some land opportunities to build their retirement home. They thought their trip to North Georgia would be kicking tires but immediately fell in love with the Blue Ridge area. Growing up in a rural coastal town Robin always enjoyed the feeling of connecting with nature, whether it was the ocean or mountains. Randy was raised in Kentucky and missed the farmlands and the slow pace that country living provides. When they found their perfect mountain top property to build their retirement dream it sealed the deal.

In January 2023 their dream home was complete, and even though they visit as often as they can, they were not ready to retire. After researching local vacation rental (VR) agencies & marketing sites they came to realize that both the homeowner and guests were getting hit with exorbitant commission/fees.

Owning a vacation rental agency for 40+ years at the Jersey shore Randy and Robin have helped thousands of homeowners turn vacant weeks into additional revenue. Their rental business was built organically through traditional advertising and word of mouth. This was before AirBnB was an apple in Chesky’s or Gebbia’s eye.

Most of today’s property management companies were started after Airbnb gained popularity and they, property management companies, rely on online travel agencies (OTA’s) such as the previously mentioned AirBnB, VRBO, and others. These OTA’s “double dip”, charging fees to the property owner/property manager and the guest, as well.

Often, during their home construction they used VRBO to rent a home nearby and found when they went to check out the total price was far greater than the quoted rental rate.

Randy & Robin wanted to create a local, Blue Ridge area listing network where both the homeowner and guest could save money. They hired their rental software developer to create a VR listing site that would be subscription based with no booking fees. Potentially saving the homeowner thousands of dollars per year and allowing homeowners to price their home more competitively to yield more bookings. No booking fees means no surprise charges to the guests, saving them hundreds of dollars., Vacation Rentals on Blue Ridge was created and launched in early 2024.

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